Monday, May 11, 2009

MSWF ~ Sheepdog Herding Demonstrations

Bluefaced Leicesters and their breeders were a very integrated part of the 2009 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. From the numerous enquiries and breeding sheep sales, to the show ring, to the Working Border Collie herding demonstrations, to the Youth Conservationist Awards, and as one of the weekend's most sought after fibers in fleece and yarn sales, the Bluefaced Leicester is proving its versitility as a multifaceted breed.

MSWF ~ Sheepdog herding demonstrations.
The four footed talent: Working Border Collies
The two footed talent, aka... Handlers: Nancy Cox Starkey 'Trial and Error Acres' Mt. Airy, Maryland, and Mark Soper from Woodbine, Maryland.
Working Conditions: Saturday the skies cleared and the crowds came out, and on Sunday well, let's just say it was weather that only a duck would love!

Mark and Nancy teamed up once again at the MSWF with their respective dogs, "Lark" ~ Starkey, and "Aggie" ~ Soper, and a group of Nancy's Bluefaced Leicester yearling ewes, to wow the crowds at the Herding Dog demonstrations. Mark and Nancy demonstrate the fine tuned talents of their working Border Colllies as they put the dogs and the sheep thru their paces on Saturday and Sunday at the Festival.
Mark Soper with "Aggie" moving the Bluefaced Leicester ewes thru the course.

Nancy: in full 'water-proofs' with 'Lark', and some of her T&E Bluefaced Leicesters.

"Lark" and "The Blues": in full gimmer fleece, beautifully clean and draping thanks to all the rain. Such an elegant breed with plenty of eye appeal.
Bluefaced Leicester Promotions:
Since Nancy used the Blues last year at the MSWF herding demos, and with their subsequent winning Dog Trialing photo by: Teresa Ballard being voted to promote the World Dog Trials in Wales, there have been numerous requests for Bluefaced Leicesters and Mules to use at herding demonstration across the country because of their style, temperament, and eye appeal.
Thank you Nancy for all your hard work in promoting the Bluefaced Leicester!

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