Saturday, May 23, 2009

1st Great Lakes ~ Bluefaced Leicester Show

Bluefaced Leicester Breeders Association
Great Lakes
Bluefaced Leicester Show

In conjunction with the:
Sheep & Wool

September 11 - 13, 2009

Jefferson Fair Park
Jefferson, Wisconsin

Bluefaced Leicester Breeders Association
Breed & Informational Displays

Great Lakes ~ Bluefaced Leicester Show
Judge: John Stott, President UK-BFLSBA
LAUND FARM, Chipping, Preston, Lancashire, UK
Saturday ~ September 12th, 2009
At 10:30 AM

Educational Presentation

The Bluefaced Leicester
"The Finer Points"
John Stott 'Laund Farm" Lancashire, UK
Saturday at 1:30 PM

The Blue News ~ Spring 2009 Issue

The Spring 2009 issue of 'The Blue News' can now be accessed in the 'Files' sections at the following Yahoo chat groups:

Bluefaced Leicesters, BFLBAMembersOnly, and MuleSheep.

It is also scheduled to be uploaded to several websites for general public access.

The UK Mule

The UK - Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders' Association has been working on a project for about the last year that pertains to the Mule ewe. With the increased use of the Bluefaced Leicester as a crossing sire on a wide variety of breeds, it has become necessary to encompass the mules under one broad title, thus the formation of the educational & promotional group: The UK Mule.

The UK Mule website is already up and running and can be accessed at:

The "UK Mules" will have its' "coming out" debut with their new stand and promotional information on June 3rd at the UK's NSA ~ North Sheep '09' event that will be held at the host 'LAUND FARM'.
You might recognize the Laund Farm and the name John Stott, who will be our guest judge for the 1st Great Lakes ~ Bluefaced Leicester Show, as well as the 2nd Annual ~ NAMSS Mule Sheep & Bluefaced Leicester Progeny Show, John is also the incoming president of the UK- BFLSBA.

Monday, May 11, 2009

MSWF ~ Sheepdog Herding Demonstrations

Bluefaced Leicesters and their breeders were a very integrated part of the 2009 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. From the numerous enquiries and breeding sheep sales, to the show ring, to the Working Border Collie herding demonstrations, to the Youth Conservationist Awards, and as one of the weekend's most sought after fibers in fleece and yarn sales, the Bluefaced Leicester is proving its versitility as a multifaceted breed.

MSWF ~ Sheepdog herding demonstrations.
The four footed talent: Working Border Collies
The two footed talent, aka... Handlers: Nancy Cox Starkey 'Trial and Error Acres' Mt. Airy, Maryland, and Mark Soper from Woodbine, Maryland.
Working Conditions: Saturday the skies cleared and the crowds came out, and on Sunday well, let's just say it was weather that only a duck would love!

Mark and Nancy teamed up once again at the MSWF with their respective dogs, "Lark" ~ Starkey, and "Aggie" ~ Soper, and a group of Nancy's Bluefaced Leicester yearling ewes, to wow the crowds at the Herding Dog demonstrations. Mark and Nancy demonstrate the fine tuned talents of their working Border Colllies as they put the dogs and the sheep thru their paces on Saturday and Sunday at the Festival.
Mark Soper with "Aggie" moving the Bluefaced Leicester ewes thru the course.

Nancy: in full 'water-proofs' with 'Lark', and some of her T&E Bluefaced Leicesters.

"Lark" and "The Blues": in full gimmer fleece, beautifully clean and draping thanks to all the rain. Such an elegant breed with plenty of eye appeal.
Bluefaced Leicester Promotions:
Since Nancy used the Blues last year at the MSWF herding demos, and with their subsequent winning Dog Trialing photo by: Teresa Ballard being voted to promote the World Dog Trials in Wales, there have been numerous requests for Bluefaced Leicesters and Mules to use at herding demonstration across the country because of their style, temperament, and eye appeal.
Thank you Nancy for all your hard work in promoting the Bluefaced Leicester!

Friday, May 8, 2009

MSWF ~ Youth Conservationist Program

Youth Conservationist Program

Organizer: Elaine Ashcraft
Recipient Participants: youth between the ages of 9 - 18 years old.
Donating breeders: representing 14 different rare or minor breeds

The donating breeders select a youth to awarded their ewe based on their written essays on "why they would like to help preserve a heritage breed of sheep."
Requirements for the program are:
* They must be present at the MSWF to receive the donated ewe.
* They must exhibit and show the ewe at least twice in the receiving year:
1) a county fair or local sheep show and , 2) at their State fair.
* Also, they must either use the ewe's fleece to make a wool item, or sell the fleece to a fiber artist.
* Breed the ewe to a registered ram in the fall.
* Submit a report with pictures, to the donor breeder by April 30th of the following year.

This year's recipient of the Bluefaced Leicester yearling ewe is eleven year old Nick Wenger 'Wen-Crest Farm' in Pennsylvania. The yearling Bluefaced Leicester ewe he received was donated by Brenda Lelli 'Beechtree Farm', and the ewe is Beechtrees 'Carron'.
This summer, Nick and Carron will be joining three other previous Bluefaced Leicester YCP recipients from Pennsylvania, to educate, promote, and exhibit their Bluefaced Leicester's at their local Fairs, and their State Farm Show.
We look forward to hearing from Nick during the summer months about his 4-H and Show experiences with Carron.

Brenda Lelli, Nick Wenger, and Beechtrees 'Carron'
Youth Conservationist Program Awards ceremony
Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 ~ during the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival
For more information on the Youth conservationist program contact
Elaine Ashcraft at: 740-622-1573,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

MSWF ~ Parade of Breeds

The Bluefaced Leicester in the 'PARADE OF BREEDS'
Sunday at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.
The ram is Beechtree's 'Marston' handled by Kyle McCleary 'Rock Jim Farm' a Bluefaced Leicester breeder from Pennsylvania.
Kyle's own ram who placed 5th in the yearling White Long wool class (1st place for the BFL's) had already been shorn so Kyle went in the Parade with one of the Beechtree rams from the 'Breeds display'.
Kyle did such a great job handling 'Marston' in the parade that someone came and bought the ram afterwards.
Thank you! Kyle

Maryland Sheep & Wool ~ Hall of Breeds

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival's 'Hall of Breeds' area is a favorite stop for festival goers. The purpose of the Hall of Breeds, is to highlight the diversity of breeds available here in the USA, and to provide informative and educational material about the breed.
Here is the BFLBA ~ Bluefaced Leicester breed display, along with the NAMSS ~ Mule Sheep display. The stand was kept well stocked with breed flyers, The Blue News - newsletters, BFLBA members lists & applications, as well as a handout about the upcoming Great Lakes ~ Bluefaced Leicester Show at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in September.
We rotated pairs of white and natural colored yearling rams thru the display during the course of the weekend, depending upon who was being groomed or headed for the show ring. One of the white rams was also used in Sunday's 'Parade of Breeds', and kindly handled for me by another Bluefaced Leicester exhibitor, as I was busy getting a Bluefaced Leicester yearling ewe ready to meet her new owner in the 'Youth Conservationist Program' awards ceremony.
Bluefaced Leicester Breed Display

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Classified Ads: May

For Sale: Bluefaced Leicester ewes and rams, white & natural colored, yearling and older. Taking reservations for 2009 lambs. For a complete list enquire at:, or visit:,

Bluefaced Leicesters. White and natural colored. Lambs, yearlings, and adults. We also offer BFL fleece, roving, and handspun yarn when available. Check our website ( for availability or send email to For more information and news, visit: