Saturday, March 28, 2009

Youth & Blues

At the Maryland 2008 Youth Conservationist Award program, a young man , Joe Goodpaster was chosen to receive the Bluefaced Leicester ewe that was donated by Beechtree Farm.
Over the past year Joe has continually shown his devotion to his Bluefaced Leicester ewe 'ClaraVale' by giving her 110% of his time and attention. Joe and his sister, Rachel, a past recipient of the YCP Bluefaced Leicester, have been outstanding ambassadors for the Bluefaced Leicester breed.
We would like to thank them for their work in promoting and educating others to the many diverse attributes of the Bluefaced Leicester breed.
Here is a picture of Joe learning how to shear Clara. He did a good job.
His sister Rachel did the neck and backend but Joe did the sides and is really proud of himself. Well done Joe!

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